43rd Conference of the Association for Environmental Archaeology

Tarragona is a port city located in northeast Spain by the Mediterranean Sea. Tarraco, as it was known in Roman times, provides an eloquent and unprecedented testimony to an important stage in the history of the Mediterranean in antiquity. In 2000, UNESCO declared its archaeological sites a World Heritage Site.

Tarraco was a little Rome, open to the Mediterranean and with a particularly pleasant climate, that is, a good place to live and prosper. This is still the spirit of the city today. Walking through the streets and squares of the medieval city or contemplating the horizons over the Mare Nostrum, you can relive the pleasant and beneficent city that has inspired travelers, artists & chefs. In Tarragona, history comes out of stones and books and comes to life in its people, cuisine, and landscapes.

This still holds true nowadays, with the NYTimes including Tarragona as one of the 52 places to go in 2023

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